The Church of Abnormal Acceptance

The Church of Abnormal Acceptance

Most ministries are housed within a larger institution, a church if you will.  So we’ve made a small change on the site to reflect the same type of alignment and structure around the The Ministry of Happiness.  So here is the first and formal public announcement for the Church of Abnormal Acceptance.  The church is so named for the very basic philosophy of its existence, anyone is accepted here, save those who purposefully do anything to harm another.

So if you are considered different, weird, abnormal, a freak or god forbid normal, as long as you don’t hurt others you are welcome here, welcome to join the church, participate in the Ministry of Happiness, ask for my ear or my counsel.

So we welcome you all with abnormally accepting arms to the Church of Abnormal Acceptance and the Ministry of happiness and as always have a happy day.  ~ Reverend Kane

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