Happiness, simplicity and letting go!

Happiness, simplicity and letting go!


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak ~ Hans Hofmann

First tonight a little note about the image above, this was one of the many things written on the walls of the temple at Burning Man this year.  Each year the temple, the heart of the city, is a place where people say goodbye and more importantly let go of the things in life that are making the sad.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be showing you more images from the temple, more wisdom photographed from its sacred walls.  Tonight, let’s talk about one way we can try to be better, simplifying our lives.

Tonight I’m a bit more focused on the actual physical act of simplification, and artifact of the process I’m involved in, getting ready to move.  I’m in the process of selling my house in anticipation of my upcoming adventure, and I’m starting to simplify.

Tonight that has literally meant throwing things away as well as piling things into piles for a yard sale, donation or sale on Ebay.  I often find the process of throwing things away one of the most mindful things I do.  There is real immediacy in that moment of decision, how important is this thing to me?  It makes you consider what is truly important in your life.  One of the things I always find most interesting in the thought process is when I come upon cards.  Birthday cards and holiday cards are these really personal communications from people you care about, very often people from your selected family.  Deciding whether or not to keep them tells you a lot about yourself, are you sentimental, extremely practical, whose cards can you throw away, whose can you not?

It’s good from time to time for all of us to simplify, to take stock and to remember what is truly important to us.  In the simplest of exercises we can often find the deepest of meanings.  Have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane



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Happiness is Laughter: Bloopers

Happiness is Laughter: Bloopers

happiness, laughter


Big Bang Theory Bloopers

Game of Thrones Blooper Reel

News bloopers

Jackie Chan movie bloopers

Wedding Bloopers



Happiness is Laughter: Cartoons

Happiness is Laughter: Surprising Humor

Happiness is Laughter: Goofy Images

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Happiness is Poetry: Matthew Dickman

Happiness is Poetry: Matthew Dickman

happiness, poetry

The wonderful Suzanne Burns turned me on to Mathew Dickman’s work and it’s really wonderful, give a few pieces a read and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane


Slow Dance

More than putting another man on the moon,
more than a New Year’s resolution of yogurt and yoga,
we need the opportunity to dance
with really exquisite strangers. A slow dance
between the couch and dinning room table, at the end
of the party, while the person we love has gone
to bring the car around
because it’s begun to rain and would break their heart
if any part of us got wet. A slow dance
to bring the evening home, to knock it out of the park. Two people
rocking back and forth like a buoy. Nothing extravagant.
A little music. An empty bottle of whiskey.
It’s a little like cheating. Your head resting
on his shoulder, your breath moving up his neck.
Your hands along her spine. Her hips
unfolding like a cotton napkin
and you begin to think about how all the stars in the sky
are dead. The my body
is talking to your body slow dance. The Unchained Melody,
Stairway to Heaven, power-cord slow dance. All my life
I’ve made mistakes. Small
and cruel. I made my plans.
I never arrived. I ate my food. I drank my wine.
The slow dance doesn’t care. It’s all kindness like children
before they turn four. Like being held in the arms
of my brother. The slow dance of siblings.
Two men in the middle of the room. When I dance with him,
one of my great loves, he is absolutely human,
and when he turns to dip me
or I step on his foot because we are both leading,
I know that one of us will die first and the other will suffer.
The slow dance of what’s to come
and the slow dance of insomnia
pouring across the floor like bath water.
When the woman I’m sleeping with
stands naked in the bathroom,
brushing her teeth, the slow dance of ritual is being spit
into the sink. There is no one to save us
because there is no need to be saved.
I’ve hurt you. I’ve loved you. I’ve mowed
the front yard. When the stranger wearing a shear white dress
covered in a million beads
comes toward me like an over-sexed chandelier suddenly come to life,
I take her hand in mine. I spin her out
and bring her in. This is the almond grove
in the dark slow dance.
It is what we should be doing right now. Scrapping
for joy. The haiku and honey. The orange and orangutang slow dance.


Lents District

Whenever I return a fight breaks out
in the park, someone buys a lottery ticket,
steals a bottle of vodka, lights
a cigarette underneath the overpass.
I-5 rips the neighborhood in half
the way the Willamette rips the city in half,
it sounds like the ocean
if I am sitting alone in the backyard
looking up at the lilac.
This is where white kids lived
and listened to Black Sabbath
while they beat the shit out of each other
for bragging rights,
running in packs, carrying baseball bats
that were cut from the same hateful trees
our parents had planted
before the Asian kids moved in
to run the mini-marts
and carry knives to school, before the Mexicans
moved in and mowed everyone’s front yard—
white kids wanting anything
anybody ever took from them in shaved heads
and combat boots.
On the weekend our furious mothers
applied their lipstick
that left red cuts on the ends of their Marlboro Reds
and our fathers quietly did whatever
fathers do
when trying to beat back the dogs of sorrow
from tearing them limb from limb.
Lents, I have been away so long
I imagine that you’re a musical
some rich kid from New York wrote about credit,
debt, and then threw in Kool-Aid
to make it funny for everybody.
I can see the dance line,
the high kicks of the skinheads, twirling
metal pipes, stomping in unison
while the committed rage of the Gypsy Jokers
square off with the committed rage
of the single mothers.
The orchestra pit is filled with Pit bulls
and a Doberman conducts them all
into a frenzy.
In the end someone gets evicted, someone
gets jumped into his new family
and they call themselves Los Brazos,
King Cobras, South-Side White Pride.
Dear Lents,
Dear 82nd avenue, dear 92nd and Foster,
I am your strange son,
you saved me when I needed saving
and I remember your arms wrapped around
my bassinet like patrol cars wrapped around
the school yard
the night Jason went crazy—
waving his father’s gun above his head,
bathed in red and blue flashing lights,
all American, broken in half and beautiful.



Last night my neighbor was looking a little enlightened,
you know, the way bodies do
after spending the afternoon having sex
on an old couch while responsible people are suffering
with their clothes on in cubicles and libraries.
He had that look vegetables get
in really nice grocery stores where the tomatoes aren’t just red
they’re goddamn red!
He was like that. Like a glowing, off-the-vine Roma
sitting in his living room picking pineapple off a Hawaiian pizza
and telling me about his father who was a real mother
fucker. I ask him if he still loved his dad, or if he loved him more
now that he is dead. Sure, he says, I love anything that’s dead.
Someone’s hand floats up onto the beach
while the body is still lost below the current, a vase of lilacs
turned brown, the black archipelago of mourners marching
up the hill. My neighbor is there to greet each of them
with a box of chocolates and a barbershop quartet in the background.
When my father died, he says opening a beer, he was no longer
my father. He was no longer a man. It’s easy to love things
when they’re powerless, like children and goldfish.

This is the way with enlightened people. They say things
that are so infuriatingly simple when the world is not.
So I put down my Pepsi and pull out the big card.
What about Hitler? I ask. You can’t love Hitler!
My neighbor puts a piece of pineapple on his tongue like a sacrament,
sucks the juice out of it, chews it up, then turns
his head slow like a cloud and says I can love anybody I feel like loving.
And I say that’s ridiculous.
And he says what’s ridiculous is that you don’t. And there he is again,
shining in the grocery store, pulling the bow off
the heart-shaped candies and putting one softly into his father’s mouth.


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Happy News – September 17, 2014

Happy News – September 17, 2014

happiness, happy news

Tonight our weekly tour around the web to give you some happy news as alternative to the depressing news we normally get from the media.  Enjoy and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane


Absolutely awesome solar lantern to bring light to poor people without electricity

happiness, happy news

Largest humanitarian donation ever, given to fight ebola


A Happy Ending to a 13 Year Quest to find the Owner of a Photo from Ground Zero

happiness, happy news

A Stranger Drops off an Envelope…

happy news, happiness


Twelve Year-old Cancer Patient gets 3D Printed Vertebra



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Happiness Resources: How to be Happy

Happiness Resources: How to be Happy



Tonight our weekly tour around the web to provide you with some resources to help with your personal journey to happiness, have a read and a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane


How to be Happy: Tips for Cultivating Contentment


Seven steps to being a happier person


10 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Happier


20 Hard things you need to do to be happy


The 15 Habits of Supremely Happy People



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Happy Alive Day!!!

Happy Alive Day!!!

happkiness, alive day
Hello friends, recently I was made aware that a friend was celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Alive Day. What she was celebrating was 30 years from a failed suicide attempt. This really hit me, I have no idea if I’m unique given its prevalence, but there has been a lot of suicide around me in my life. Growing up three kids in my neighborhood killed themselves within weeks of each other, years later one of their nephews would also kill himself. Two of my friends have had sons who have committed suicide and I myself at one point as a teenager stuck a shotgun in my mouth and happily/luckily couldn’t pull the trigger. Having been someone who has suffered from depression in the past I know how deep the well is that people can find themselves in, and how impossible it seems at that point that you’ll ever get out.

happiness, alive day
The reason why my friend’s Alive Day is such an awesome thing is that it shows that not only is there hope, not only can things get better, but that they can get so much better that you actually can celebrate being alive. My friend is a sampler of life, one of those people who is at the fire hose of life experience with her mouth wide open trying to drink it all in. She has a great life, a job where she helps people, great friends and a wonderful partner! Pretty much the antithesis of someone who sees no reason to live.


happiness, alive day

I think friends if you never have before, or never choose to again I’d like you to share this post. If this idea, if the reality that there are real people out there who have come this far, gives one person enough hope to not try and kill themselves, we’ve all done an amazing thing together. 


happiness, alive day
Ideas like this are the reason I started the Ministry of Happiness, my hope is that we all can help each other live happier lives, have happier days.  I have also learned that combat veterans also celebrate Alive Days , based on near death experiences in combat.  So here’s a thought I have, it doesn’t have to have been a suicide attempt, but I think we all have a significant day or event in the past that made us realize how precious life is, what a gift it is for all of us. Take that day, or pick a date that’s near enough and celebrate your own Alive Day! Let’s spread this idea and all have happier days my friends and thank you all for being part of this. ~ Rev Kane



We are all damaged but we CAN be happy!

The Power and Health Benefits of Hugs

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Happiness is Laughter: Pranks

Happiness is Laughter: Pranks

happiness, laughter

Tonight a collection of pranks, have a laugh and a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane


Devil Baby Prank Video (1:45)

happiness, laughter

Elevator Ghost Prank (6:44)

happiness, laughter

Jesus miracle pranks (8:14)

happiness, laughter

Bus stop sniper prank (2:25)



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Happiness is Laughter: Funny Signs

Happiness is Laughter: George Carlin

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Happiness is your Authentic Self

Happiness is your Authentic Self

happiness, authentic self

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable, be honest and transparent anyway ~ Mother Teresa


As I have recently mentioned I spent a week at Burning Man a couple of weeks ago, my 6th or 7th time celebrating in the desert.  There are many things that I really love about Burning Man, the opportunity to relax, the hugs, the kindness and most of all the opportunity to truly be myself.  Now the goal of course is to always be your authentic self at all times, but unfortunately not all of us are there yet.

I have many times explained this idea to others who have never attended the festival.  You see at Burning Man you are never the weirdest person, ever, look in a circle at any moment and you will always find someone weirder than yourself.  Also, given that so many people are expressing their desires, fantasies and true selves, people have a tendency not to be as judgmental as they normally are in the default world.  As such, people are able to be who they want to be, who they truly are.  You would be amazed at the pressure that takes off of you.

Every day, in so many ways we put on pretenses, these masks that we wear take effort.  Like tiny little lies we must keep them straight in our heads, and this process of masking takes its toll in stress.  Being yourself, once you have come to truly accept and love your authentic self, allows you to live honestly and less stressfully.  You see, you no longer are concerned what others think, so the only person whose opinion matters is your own.  If you love yourself, your true self, than the stress is gone and it becomes much easier to have happy days my friends ~ Rev Kane


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Happiness Resources: The Power of Hugs

Happiness Resources: The Power of Hugs

happiness, hug

Tonight as a companion to a recent piece on Happiness & Hugs, a tour around the web to show you just how important they are for you.  So give a hug and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane


Ten Reasons to Give More Hugs

happiness, hug

Happiness Tip: Give 8 Hugs a Day

happiness, hugs

How Hugging Makes You Healthier & Happier

happiness, hug

Smiles, Hugs and Laughter

happiness, hug

The Amazing Power of Hugs


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Happy News – September 9, 2014

Happy News – September 9, 2014

happy, news

Once again our weekly tour around the web to find some happy news, enjoy my friends and have a happy day ~ Rev Kane


Man’s selfless act saves three lives

You won’t believe what removes this dog’s anxiety and medical issues

A seven year old hears for the first time

Panda fools humans, fakes pregnancy to get better food

Baby elephants at play


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